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ShredBreak TV presents 'Drunken Master Yoda' series

Narapichit Puddla aka Master Yoda aka Yo is shredding at his home spot in Pak Nam Pran, Pranburi, Thailand

Welcome to ShredBreak, the community of people who live in amazing world of extreme sports!

Our headquarter is located in the small village of Pak Nam Pran, Thailand. It’s the perfect spot for kitesurfers, downhill riders, paragliders, wakeboarders and so much more!

We are riders, extreme sport business owners, photographers, film makers and IT professionals.

We want to bring together everyone who share the same passion for extreme sports and we will share our experience, we could also give you the opportunity to increase your perfurmance skills, find sponsorship, be in touch with your friends and your favourite riders, help you to explore new spots, events and more!

ShredBreak is our lifestyle and we will never stop work to make this world better for people who share our passion for extreme sports.

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